The long date

I went on a date yesterday with the guy I’ve been seeing for over a month and a half. It ended up going all afternoon, and into evening. When I got home Gun let me know he wasn’t overly happy with how long it went, but was glad I enjoyed myself.

Gun wasn’t happy, I think more because he was questioned on a couple of longer dates this summer. I’ve been thinking a lot overnight as to why… The thing that was different then though, were that his dates were for sex, and one instance in particular I had texted him a question and he didn’t reply until 3 hours later. That’s what really had my back up, not the length, or even what they were doing. Actually the other week he went out with one of his friends, they went shopping then were getting a coffee after. I was surprised that his date didn’t go longer, I was hoping it would.

My date yesterday had primarily a PG rating (okay, maybe got a little PG-13, but certainly wasn’t R rated in the slightest, at least not by actions). We walked and talked the majority of the time. It was nice to just wander and not have to worry about being seen. Fooling around, and talking more in his car after dinner was great too, though finding a private spot isn’t an easy thing to do. We’ve both flat out said that we won’t be fucking in the car. For myself, I’m just too self conscious of my surroundings, I couldn’t fully get into it. Even fooling around in the car, I’m still aware of sounds and lights outside the vehicle, worried it would be moving too much and drawing attention to it. I just wouldn’t really enjoy it. I guess that’s why I’ve never had sex in a vehicle, it’s not something I’ve sought out.

It did hit me at one point last evening that he actually did have an empty house for the day, all the while we were out before dinner anyway, but thinking about it, I did really enjoy the day as we spent it. I know he’s still moving cautiously, so maybe he and his wife aren’t ready for him to be bringing me to their house yet. I don’t know. Actually for a very brief moment, when I figured out the area he was driving to, I wondered if he was bringing me to his house. I quickly pushed that out of my head though. I adhere to a strict “no expectations” policy, I find it saves me a lot of unnecessary grief within myself.

I apologize if my thoughts zoom around in this post, it’s kind of the way my brain has been going lately. If I had some sort of dictation device hooked up to my brain last night, this post, plus possibly a few more, would have been mapped out and just needed to be edited. Lol.

This is new area for me. For my husband and I, and for the quad. Before this, when I’ve looked alone, it’s been for sex (and it’s been a few years since I had actually looked on my own). I know that we have an unconventional relationship, well relationships. A lot of people probably wonder how someone can do this, be married, be able to nurture that, and still want to be involved elsewhere. It’s hard to say, but looking back at my life, it was not uncommon for me to be strongly attracted to more than one guy at school. Maybe it’s hard wired in some people like being straight, gay, or bi is. Yes, I have feelings for this new guy, but that doesn’t change the love I have for my husband Gun. His love and support is what makes this invaluable. It also doesn’t change the fact I’m in love with my poly hubby Bob too. Also my girl Lexxi. I cherish the family we’ve made.

Okay, I know overnight my brain had more points it wanted to expel, but I’m not thinking of anymore right now. Damn brain. Lol

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