Tattoo! :)

Well, after wanting a tattoo for many, many years, I finally have one! 😀Lexxi and I had been talking about getting matching polyamorous tattoos for a few months.  Actually, all of our quad has been talking about it.  Lexxi and I decided on different designs, but the base idea is the same, a heart with infinity symbol. This past weekend she and I went to the tattoo guy who did her big side piece (and who did Bob’s forearm piece, and will be doing his sleeve in December).

tatbaseThis is the pic I found on the internet that I wanted my tattoo based on.

After seeing the design that he came up with, I couldn’t wait to get started!

tat1The stencil is on!  I was nervous, but very excited.  Thanks to the rest of the quad, I have some “in process” pictures of me getting my first tattoo.

tat2The outline is done.  I won’t deny, it hurt, tattoing IS needles sticking into the skin, but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it might.  I’ve had Brazillian waxing done, and I found that WAY worse than getting this tattoo…especially when hair was getting yanked from my really sensitive intimate parts (now there’s a visual for you…you’re welcome).

tat3The finished product.

I love it.  I absolutely love it <3.  Yes, my back is still a little tender, but it’s not too bad, though I’m wearing a shirt that doesn’t touch my upper back today. Lol!



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