*reblog* Strong Foundations – Back to Basics

Good timing for this post, it’s very poignant these days…

A Kinky Girl Bella

polyOver the last year, we have been through a fuckton of changes in our non-monogamy.  I don’t really know what else to call it. We are definitely not monogamous. We’re past the notch in the bedpost, fucking for sport, just sex swinging but not quite all the way to poly. But, it’s not door swung wide, no holds barred, floundering in the deep end open either. I’m just not sure what the fuck to call it. So, for now, let’s just stick with calling it our non-monogamy.

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2 thoughts on “*reblog* Strong Foundations – Back to Basics

  1. The areas of “sacrifice” and “saying what you mean” were two areas I was really struggling with through all of my recent issues. Saying or doing what I thought she needed was going to “fix” the areas we were having trouble in when really we just needed to be honest with ourselves about what we wanted from each other. Since I have been honest with myself and her things are much more smooth.

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