*reblog* Strong Foundations – Back to Basics

Good timing for this post, it’s very poignant these days…

A Kinky Girl Bella

polyOver the last year, we have been through a fuckton of changes in our non-monogamy.  I don’t really know what else to call it. We are definitely not monogamous. We’re past the notch in the bedpost, fucking for sport, just sex swinging but not quite all the way to poly. But, it’s not door swung wide, no holds barred, floundering in the deep end open either. I’m just not sure what the fuck to call it. So, for now, let’s just stick with calling it our non-monogamy.

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*reblog* Why do you Poly

The reasons I requested delving into an open relationship with my hubby are different, but what I’ve discovered I love about it is very similar to the views expressed here.
A great read!

A Kinky Girl Bella

openlife13Why do you poly? Why do you have an open marriage? These are questions that have been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks, consuming much of my thought time. I know why I poly. I know why I want an open marriage. I will share my reasons in this post and I hope you might do the same in the comments.

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