Wife Swap Weekend

Lexxi and I had mapped out our summer back in June, and talked about doing another swap weekend, like we did last summer.  We had penciled it in for the second last weekend in August, but thought we’d make it a husband swap weekend (the guys change houses) as we wife swapped last summer.  A few weeks later, we had all discussed it and decided to postpone it for a while, but then last minute we decided to go ahead with it.

Bob got the opportunity to shoot a professional model at the abandoned mill he had taken pictures of Lexxi at a few weeks ago.  So, we ended up wife swapping again, and I would go with Bob to the mill to help out on his first “official” photo shoot.

I was able to arrange to leave work an hour early, and was hoping to leave right from work, but when I got to work on Thursday our cars temperature went through the roof and we ended up having to get it towed to the shop.  So, on Friday it was getting worked on.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a major problem so I loaded the car and was on the road only about 20 minutes later than I had hoped to be.  I got there before 10, and Bob and I wasted no time in giving each other a very thorough greeting 😉  Soaking in the hot tub with a glass of wine capped off the evening.

Saturday was a lazy day for us.  We ventured out once to get something for dinner, then back home to relax.  Since our last few weekends together have been busy, it was a nice change.  I’ve always found it so easy to just hang out with both Bob and Lexxi, it’s one of the major reasons we all clicked.  No awkward silences, no fumbling for words, that type of ease doesn’t happen with everyone.  It’s also one of the things I miss most when we’re apart.

Sunday was a very full, and busy day.  Up at 6am to shower and get ready, and out of the house just after 7am.  We were meeting the model at 9am, and it was about an hour and a half drive to get there.  Bob had some shots already in mind for the model, and hoped to get a few of me too (I had a couple changes of clothes in one of the bags), but the rest would depend on what intrigued him while there.

mill2The sun was shining, and it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day, even in the creepy surroundings.  You can read about Bob’s first mill experience here.  After we got there and were greeted by many other photographers and models, we walked around and scouted two of the smaller buildings.  Ideas were plenty, and couldn’t ever be done in one day, so the first challenge was deciding which ones to do.  The sunlight dictated the first few (since there’s no power to the buildings), so Bob and his model got to work.  mill1I helped out where I could, other than that, I was in awe watching Bob in his element.  I’ve watched him shoot myself and Lexxi, but it’s different when I’m not in the subject matter, and it’s a set outside of a house.  You could tell that this woman was a professional model as well, anticipating some moves, or going with things she found in the environment while posing.  It was fantastic to observe, Bob was completely engrossed.  I found it incredibly sexy.  Adding to that is that he was speaking French all day.  It never really occurred to me before that I could find that language sexy, but I do when I hear him…Bob asked me after we were back at his house if I had thoughts of jumping him while there, as Lexxi had told him she did when they had gone.  My answer: hell yes!  Especially when we were scouting some of the upper old offices, where the surroundings weren’t as gritty, had carpet, were actually kind of boring over all, and probably weren’t photographed quite as much…my mind wandered a time or two, but timing wouldn’t have worked as Bob still wanted to do a final few shots with his model.  As it was, there was no time to photograph me at all, other than being in a few test shots.  I can’t deny, I was (am) incredibly disappointed in that, but understand it was a long day, and he had been working hard.  Disappointment or not, it was a great day and I’m happy I could experience that with him.  I would go back in a heartbeat.  It would take days to explore everything there, let alone light and timing can have a dramatic difference on what you see where in there, what catches your eye.

We got back to their house about 45 minutes before I wanted to leave for home.  We said a thorough good bye, then I was headed home.  Lexxi and I met up about half way through our drives and had dinner.  It was lovely to spend a little bit of time with her 🙂  My long day had me getting home just before 10pm.  It was good to see Gun and our puppies.  I had another thorough greeting, this time by my hubby, then it was time to finally sleep…zzzz….

We will be seeing Bob and Lexxi again this coming weekend, we’re going for a visit with our kids, and the dogs.  It should be a fun, albeit more vanilla time 🙂

8 thoughts on “Wife Swap Weekend

  1. lexxiblue says:

    Looking forward to it.

  2. lexxiblue says:

    Oh. And I do hope we get to go with Bob, both of us, as his models there.

  3. IAmOpenToIt says:

    You guys are amazing!

  4. A rare and awesome relationship you all have. Envious and intrigued 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend. It’s pretty neat that you and lexxi met on the way home as well.

    Ryan @

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