Words…what do words mean to you?

What do words mean to you? How seriously do you take words when you see or hear them? Do you ever say anything that you don’t mean, or you wouldn’t follow through on?

Since I am so active on social media (Facebook and Twitter in particular), plus being in a long distance relationship, words are of some prominence in my life.

I try never to say or type anything that I feel is untrue, stretching things, or that I wouldn’t follow through with. It’s one major reason that I won’t sext with someone I don’t know. I like to imagine actually doing that with the person I’m texting with, and have been burned a couple of times in the past where it seemed like we had a connection through chatting, but didn’t have one once we met in person. Likewise, I won’t just throw about descriptors like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, “handsome”, “sexy”, that sort of thing, unless I really mean it.

If someone on Twitter calls me sexy and they’ve never actually met me, I take it with a grain of salt since I am somewhat careful in what I post there as a representation of myself. I highlight what I like and hide what I don’t like. When someone calls me that and they know me in real life, it means more. But it makes me wonder when I’m called gorgeous (for example), but then see the same person use it to multiple people. Was it just a cloned reply, or was it really meant?

There really has only been one time that I can recall where I’ve been called gorgeous, and truly felt it. It was a spontaneous reaction, and it wasn’t said to try to get into my pants, or to just make me feel good. If it was, the guy is a fantastic actor, lol.

True, words aren’t the only things that are needed. I’ll never forget trying on a specific dress and seeing my husbands eyes practically bug out of his head. That reaction will be ingrained in me forever.

In my opinion words can be very important, especially when you can’t see actions and reactions. They should be chosen carefully when possible.

4 thoughts on “Words…what do words mean to you?

  1. BraxBs says:

    Great post!
    I can’t speak for anyone else but I find may different types of people beautiful, gorgeous, or sexy. If I say it to someone I truly mean that response. It is not a cloned reply. I would like to think it’s easier for someone to not say anything and just scroll past a picture/post but to stop hit reply and type in words I would like to think they actually mean those words.

    • Krystalla says:

      Very true. Was actually just having a similar conversation with hubby#2. Context and how the words are used is as important as the words themselves. Maybe moreso. Plus everyone is gorgeous in their own unique way.

      • BraxBs says:

        EXACTLY! Someone’s personality overshadows actual looks to me. I am personally drawn to people that can hold a conversation, make me laugh, and are creative. It wouldn’t really matter what a person like that looked like I would ALWAYS say they are gorgeous, beautiful, or sexy because those attributes are extremely attractive to me.

  2. sweetgunnar69 says:

    I never try to use the same words multiple times if possible. I feel that if used to much it becomes hollow. Than again it really depends what I am writing. I say what I type and sometimes it may come out wrong. The one major drawback is that texting does not allow physical reactions. And with that it makes it hard to read responses. So for me I try to make sure what I say in words is clear. Of course I am on my fourth drink right now so maybe I am getting soft in my age 🙂

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