Another quad weekend has come and gone

Well we just finished another quad weekend, and I think it was one of the best we’ve had in a long while. We all seemed as healthy as can be, and were in good spirits. It was relaxed, it was fun, and we definitely weren’t in a rut this weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

We got there just before 11:00pm on Friday night, us and our giant puppies. I think they were almost as excited as I was when we pulled up into their driveway. They couldn’t wait to get into the backyard to see their friends (Bob and Lexxi’s two dogs). After hugs and kisses all around…okay maybe not all around, Gun and Bob exchanged pleasantries, but not hugs and kisses lol! We had a few drinks, a few laughs, then realized it was almost 1:00am. So, off to bed we headed. This time Bob and I were upstairs, and Gun and Lexxi were downstairs. Let’s just say that hot sex abounded throughout the house, then we all zonked out.

Relatively early the next morning Lexxi and I were planning on heading to the Costco in nearby Quebec so we could buy some cheap beer for a friend. She had mentioned to me earlier in the week that she’ll wake me up before we had to go. I suggested ways she could wake me up, and that girl sure didn’t disappoint. She slid into bed next to myself and Bob, wearing only a light greyish purple satin robe. After some light caresses, she slid down my body. Let me just say that that woman knows how to give head to another woman. She had me writhing in no time. Tongue against my clit, flicking my piercing, fingers deep inside of me, moving in and out sliding against my gspot… mmm…excuse me, I’m having flashbacks. After she made me have a small orgasm, we turned our joint attention to Bob. He’d been so good, watching us there. Occasionally tweaking one of my nipples. My right hand had slid down his body and found his hardening cock, and I knew that his girls needed to give it some much needed attention. I love sucking cock. I really love sucking cock with Lexxi. We’ve been told that we’re quite intuitive when we do it together, kind of anticipating the other one in our movements. Well, we lavished all sorts of attention on the cock within our grasp. It was probably around this time that Gun came to see what the moans were all about. He saw us both on Bob and grinned at us. Gun quickly disrobed and joined us. Lexxi and I then switched our attention to Gun’s cock. After attending to our own men for a bit, I was squirming and declared that I was needing a cock inside my pussy as opposed to my mouth. Bob rolled me over to my back and sure gave it to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Watching Lexxi suck on my husbands cock while getting fucked by her husband was fantastic. After I had cum a few times, Bob moved behind Lexxi and slid deep. While watching my girlfriend get spit roasted, I kissed and licked her neck, squeezed her boobs, and pinched her nipples. When we were all done, Lexxi and I had a quick shower, grabbed a tea, then headed off for our bit of shopping.

While we were out, Lexxi mentioned that she and Gun had discussed going to a movie, that she had passes to use up, so they were heading out for a bit this afternoon. That way each swapped couple could have some alone time. I really didn’t think anything of it. Well, honestly I did have a fleeting thought about being at Twisted Bob’s mercy. Those of you who follow my blog and/or Lexxi’s know Bob hasn’t been feeling great for a while thanks to his fibromyalgia and some new meds adjustments. Anyway, he’d been feeling much better lately and has been teasing me with his Dom side, aka Twisted Bob, knowing I want to explore more but me being me, won’t think of anything that would lead to having expectations dashed, so that thought went out of my head as quickly as it entered.

We were all sitting out back for a bit after us girls got home, then Lexxi and Gun headed off to the movies. I went inside to use the washroom, and as I came out, Bob took both of my hands and walked backwards towards his bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and I saw this:
My breath caught and I looked up at Bob. I was quickly disrobed and strapped to the bed, blindfold in place. I closed my eyes and listened. It was quiet. Bob told me that I wasn’t allowed to cum until he told me I could. More silence. I then hear the twitter notification on my phone go off. Turns out that Bob had his phone on silent, had brought my phone into the bedroom, and tagged me in a tweet. Time lost all meaning to me while I was strapped to that bed, I was simply lost in sensation. It’s indescribable. I have found that I like that tweak, pinch, slap, shock of pain. I know on me he used the Neon Wand (an electric wand) with a few attachments, a feather, the pinwheel, hot wax, a cold glass dildo, and the (Hitachi) Original Magic Wand. If I missed anything, just check out @numbnutt69’s twitter feed and pictures as he live tweeted it. Apparently Twitter made me hold out for an hour and a half before I could cum the first time. After two hours I could hear the rustle of Bob’s clothes coming off, I knew he was coming to me himself next. I should state that for me, when I’m highly emotional, be it sad, happy, angry, confused, anything really, I cry. It’s a release of emotions. I could feel that huge ball of emotion start in my chest and rise, wanting to burst free. As he released my ankle and wrist restraints, I started panting, trying to control the tears. I was literally seconds away from bawling when he loved me then. Even now as I write this, I can still feel that pent up feeling. It was intense, it was highly emotional, it was incredible. It also reaffirmed that as much as I love this, and that I’m really wanting to explore this as much as possible, I could not experience this with just anyone. I need to fully trust the person with my whole being. It could be very scary otherwise.

After I had calmed down, I took a quick shower then joined Bob out back. We had a drink, had a late lunch, and relaxed while waiting for our spouses to return. That night was a birthday party for Bob and Lexxi’s daughter, she was turning 22. There were about 14 people there at the height of it, and when the parents/grandparents headed out, the mood lightened. We knew that we didn’t have to hide anything as everyone else there knew of our relationship (including their 23 year old son). Needless to say, it was a fun evening, with a LOT of flowing alcohol, some making out on Lexxi’s and my behalf, and a lot of laughing.

The next day, I felt kind of crappy as I was overtired. When I drink a lot, I can never seem to sleep well and that night was no exception. Anyway, we had a very lazy day, and Gun and I headed home around 2:30. I had a long drive myself to do the next day, heading in the opposite direction to go spend some time with my parents and bring my kids home.

It was an amazing weekend. One that I think was very needed for the four of us. When we’re all together, I feel a completeness that I’ve never felt anywhere else before. It’s such a high, but then a low when we part and there’s nothing we can do about it. Anyway, 14 days (give or take) until the next planned quad weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š

3 thoughts on “Another quad weekend has come and gone

  1. lexxiblue says:

    It was a great weekend and I’m at a loss for words. For me too, it had been so hard to write about.

  2. lovertobe says:

    What a fantastic update! ๐Ÿ™‚

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