Processing play

I’m trying to write a post recapping our quad weekend and I have no idea where to start, I feel adrift. You see, the morning after getting home from that weekend I headed north west to a cabin on a campground that my parents rented for a week. This way I could spend some time with them, plus bring home our boys.

I came up here on a high. It was an amazing weekend (and I will recap it shortly), but last night both of my guys played alone, and I’m struggling with the reconnecting phase right now. Distance and texting isn’t great for that, let alone I’ve got my parents and kids here in a small space, it’s not like I can find a place away from them to do that. It’s enough to try to type this out. There was I guess a miscommunication with one hubby, and it was a first time alone play for the other hubby.

I was able to text uninterrupted with Gun last night after everyone went to bed, so really all I need there is to physically be with him. I’m very good otherwise (though he still owes me 😉).

Bob, I’m actually doing okay with the play part, which I really wasn’t sure how I’d handle. Even last night, we were able of text a little bit, and I was fine. I’m still fine with it, so I’m not sure why I feel this way.

I think I’m just really just seeing how texting is a limited communication resource. It can’t replace actually being with the person. One I will see tomorrow, the other not for a few weeks. Not to mention my girl Lexxi, I wish I could have been there in person for her yesterday and today. Plus I’d kill for a hug from her right now.

5 thoughts on “Processing play

  1. lexxiblue says:

    I would have loved to have been able to hang with you last night to, and a hug would be great.

  2. IAmOpenToIt says:

    I can sure relate to not being able to communicate with the person. That is exactly what I am struggling with right now. Along with numerous other issues but I digress. Hope you get resolution from both your guys soon. Smiles at ya

  3. lexxiblue says:

    For us, a lot of the communication is text based due to the distance. We often have to work within that constraint to get messages across. Not always easy and takes lots of patience.

  4. sweetgunnar69 says:

    Reconnecting is so important after. Texting is not the same as physical presence. It allows to discuss how things went, and if were issues and then to fuck your spouse. My wife is always first and coming home after fucking another woman, talking to her, being close physically. Yes it may sound weird but if you think about being away for a few days don’t you just want to come home, jump into bed and talk for a while about your trip then fuck her brains out even if you were not with another woman?
    Texting with my other wife is a lot different. We can’t get physical. We can’t touch, feel or even communicate the way you can in person. We have skyped to connect and it does help but it is not the same (btw I don’t cam so get your dirty minds out of the gutter). She has mentioned that it would be interesting if I fuck a local girl where she is (I have one now I chat with) and then come home to her. Interesting proposition I just don’t know if I can go through with it at this time.
    As much as the act of the sex with someone else being back in the arms of someone you love is so important. I am highly anticipating our new friend regarding his situation and looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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