*reblog* Long distance

This is kind of a response to the blog I just reblogged, from the woman’s point of view. Whether or not her feelings are “right”, they’re relevant. No, I don’t believe that any woman in this circumstance is a slut or is wrong, but a human can’t always help how they feel. You just need to help them get through it.


I sit here this evening thinking about my other hubby. You see, if you happen to follow him on Twitter and his own blog, you already know he uncovered a skeleton from his past. He had a great night getting reaquainted with her but stopped just shy of sex. You probably also read that she was somewhat ashamed of her behavior.

Why does this matters to me, you wonder? Well, because I see on of the loves of my life blaming himself for having done nothing wrong. I’ve had these, what I call, freakouts many times throughout the years that Bob and I have been in the lifestyle. It had nothing to do with the guys. It has everything to do with the inner battle between hormones and the inner voice of reason.

You see, in that moment of passion, what happens for me anyways, is that my hormonal voice…

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