Here’s to long weekends!

I have to admit, I’m still processing this past weekend. Our other other halves and their dogs were over for a 4 day weekend. Overall, we had a great time. Had a little (okay a lot) of alcohol, a lot of laughs, and some great quality time. Other mutual friends also visited on Saturday for a barbecue, we took our kids and the dogs to the beach on Monday, and we ended up having a last minute kid-free night (no sneaking around, yes!).

The thing is, we had our issues too…but don’t all relationships? We had some active weather and wicked storms pass through Sunday and Monday. This made things extremely painful for Bob as his fibromyalgia flared up big time. Let alone another issue he’s been dealing with since spilling hot coffee on himself a few weeks ago. Anyway, he wasn’t in the same fantastic place he was in a week ago, when our weekend was originally supposed to happen. Seems to happen that way for us all the time lately…I just don’t bother getting my hopes up about that anymore. At least he wasn’t in the same fog that he’d been in for the past 6 months.

Gun had his own stresses going on. One was financial, and the other…I’m not totally sure. He eluded to it in a quick text convo we had earlier today, but when I had asked him this past weekend he wouldn’t tell me. Made me feel great . He stresses he loves that I’m more open and honest with him, but he can’t be with me? That double standard did NOT sit well with me.

We all seem to be looking for a friend with benefits to play alone with. Both Gun and I have done this previously (it’s how we started you’ll remember, if you read an earlier blog entry of mine), but outside of our quad, neither Lexxi or Bob have. I know that Lexxi is curious what the experience is like, as all she knows is what I’ve told her, which is that I find it very different than playing with your partner. The guys are having a much more difficult time in getting a female to respond to them. We’ve all signed up for the Tinder app. Basically you say “yes” or “no” based on pictures and distance proximity. It’s very superficial, especially because 90%+ people put no info in their bio. I just get so easily fed up with the guys who are assholes on there. Some of their lines are horrible. I’ve heard that Bob wasn’t impressed with our insensitivity towards these assholes…I can understand that. We were definitely being bitchy, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about starting a text conversation with a lady…and these guys were definitely lacking in the tact department. Either way, I’ll keep my mouth shut about it from now on.

The last minute kid-free night saw us all sitting out back, drinking, talking, and playing on our phones/tablets. Then we went inside to watch a movie. Turns out 3/4 of us fell asleep by the end and poor Bob was sitting there for 20 minutes wondering if we’d ever wake up. We eventually did, but he expressed he almost excused himself to go to bed. I would have surely woken up then as I was laying on him lol.

Anyway, we’ll be seeing them again in just over 2 weeks…16 days from now Gun and I will be on the road with our dogs headed their way. 😄

We’ve got another kid free weekend coming up this weekend…I wonder what we’ll do? 😏

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