Tinder pet peeves

Well, I’ve recently signed up on the app Tinder. It’s a simple app, it’s to let you see people (who also have the app), that are in your area, or whatever distance you decide to search in. It connects to Facebook, will pull your info and pictures to the app, but doesn’t give out or post any info on your Facebook.

It’s great in theory, but what annoys the fuck out of me are how lazy some people are. How long does it take to write a few words for a bio? Even just “hey, drop me a line.” would be better in my opinion than nothing.

And don’t get me started on the pictures. Blurry, or have multiple people in them (makes me wonder who the profile is for). Some have landscape pics, or obscure shots, or even no pics whatsoever, makes me wonder what they are trying to advertise about themselves. Also, if you have a pic of your family in it, a bio explaining your situation would be highly beneficial.

The one thing that I’ve found with the app itself that’s annoying has to do with the distance you set. I guess it’s because people move around, but it’s disappointing to find out someone you’ve “matched” with doesn’t actually live within the km radius I’ve set.

That being said, I’ve started talking to a few guys on there. Three really aren’t close, and I’ll probably never meet. One is in my city, but I’m getting an odd vibe from him, so don’t know if I’ll meet him or not. There is one guy though who I’ve been talking to that I will meet, probably next week. I’ll let you know how that goes.

2 thoughts on “Tinder pet peeves

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  2. BraxBs says:

    Thats weird about the distance. If you have a specific parameter set why is it going outside that? Also completely agree with the pics. While I have never tried this site, I am familiar with other sites and the pictures people post can be misleading, or just an overall bad picture. If the picture they want to use is a group shot, maybe thats the a picture they feel comfortable with using the least they could do is crop the pic. But with all the devices one could use to take a pic just snap a fresh pic for goodness sake. Ugh I can understand your frustration.

    Good Luck Love

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