Quickie on the Couch (erotic story)

This is the third and (so far) last story I’ve posted on literotica.com. Origin posted in May 2012.

Quickie on the Couch:

I see you sitting on the couch and walk up to you. I straddle your lap, grab the back of your neck with one hand and start kissing you hard, deep, passionately. My tongue plays with yours. You grab my ass and pull me tight against you so I can feel your hardening cock through our clothes. I moan and wiggle my hips a little. I trail my hands down your chest to the bottom of your shirt. Sliding my hands underneath, I want to feel your bare skin. When I reach your nipples, I tweak then lightly, making you moan. I then pull your shirt off.

You start to kiss my neck, which elicits a moan from me. Your hands grab the bottom of my shirt and you take it off slowly, watching the skin that’s revealed along the way. When you see my tits sitting pretty in the black lacy bra I’m wearing, you groan and reach for them. Feeling, caressing, squeezing. You go back to kissing my neck and earlobes while your hands are busy. My head rolls back as I moan at what you’re doing to me. Moving your lips to the other side of my neck, you reach behind me and unhook my bra and take it off. Grasping my bare tits in your strong hands, you trail your lips and tongue towards my aching nipples. Taking one into your mouth, you tease me lightly, then sucking hard, then back to lightly using your tongue. You gently bite down causing me to writhe and groan. You repeat the same on my other nipple, giving it equal attention.

Lifting me off your lap, you lay me back on the couch and reach for my jeans. Unbuckling my belt, then undoing the button and sliding the zipper down, you can’t wait to get in my pants. You slide one hand inside and realize I’m not wearing any underwear. Grasping the waistband, you slowly pull my jeans down my legs and off. Tossing them off to the side, your eyes zero in on my pussy. Shaved but for a strip of hair leading the way, you push my thighs apart to take a better look. You can easily see how wet I am. You lean down and tease the outer lips with your fingers. I moan, hips moving, wanting more. Taking a few teasing light licks, you still avoid where I want you most. I groan in frustration.

You take a deep breath, inhaling my scent. On a moan, you start licking my clit, alternating between circling it and long strokes with your tongue. I groan loudly and my hips jump at the contact. Your finger meanwhile teases my hole, which is growing wetter by the second. You slide one finger in a little, then add a second. Finger fucking me while licking, nibbling and sucking my clit. By now, I’m sopping wet, my juices covering your fingers, face and trailing down my ass crack. Following that path, your finger starts to play with my ass. My hips lift in invitation. You apply slight pressure and your finger easily slides in, with the lube of my juices and because I’m just so fucking turned on.

Wanting to feel you, I sit up and slide to my knees on the floor in front of you. I pop the button in your jeans and slowly lower your zipper, feeling your hardness beneath. You lift your hips slightly so I can strip you completely. On a groan, I grasp your hard cock in my hand and take the head into my waiting mouth. Licking, teasing the ridge a bit before sliding my lips as far onto you as I can. Sucking up, then back down again. Up, then down again. Lightly grabbing a handful of my hair, your hips buck and I moan.

You pull me off you as you have other thoughts on what you want to do to me. Putting your hands under my arms, you pull me up. You hold your cock upright as I straddle you again, lowering my dripping pussy onto your hard, throbbing cock. We both moan as you slide in and fill me up. You grab the back of my head and pull your lips to mine again. Kissing you back feverishly, I slowly grind my hips on you, making us both crazy.

Soon I can’t take it anymore. I grab the back of the couch and just ride you. Feeling you deep inside me. Feeling my clit rub your pelvic bone with every thrust. I love the way your cock feels fucking up into me, I’m moaning continually by this point. I can feel my orgasm come closer…closer…rushing up and through my body with every move I make. I open my eyes and look into yours when I finally fly over that peak. Feeling my pussy convulse around your fat cock, you can’t take it any longer and on a groan, let yourself go, cumming hard deep inside me.

I lean forward, resting my head on your shoulder as we wait for our heartbeats to slow and our breathing to return to normal.

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