With Hubby’s Blessing (erotic story)

This was the second story I posted to literotica.com. I posted this in October 2011, right after my hubby and I had the discussion of opening our marriage. Enjoy! 😊

With Hubby’s Blessing:

Standing in her front hall, Jane stood on her tip toes as she wound her arms around her husband Trevor’s neck.

“Love you babe,” she whispered in his ear, giving the lobe a little tug between her teeth.

“I love you too Jane. Have fun with Kyle,” Trevor replied huskily, brushing a stray dark blonde hair behind her ear. He leaned down to capture her lips in a scorching kiss. Angling his head to the side, he deepened the kiss leaving them both gasping for breath.

“Mmmmm, that’s getting me in the right frame of mind,” Jane groaned. “I’ve got to go. Bye.” Stepping back, she gave him one more quick kiss before heading off to her car.

After starting her car, Jane cranked the music. Loud, fast, pulsing rock blared from the speakers. Her thoughts turned to Kyle. She had been seeing him for the past month, with the blessing of her husband. It had been a fantasy of hers for many years, to be with another man. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her husband with all her soul. It wasn’t as though something was missing in their relationship. Not even close. But since her relationship with Kyle had started, everything at home has grown. Enhanced. Multiplied. Intensified. Their sex life has never been better and she attributed this to the two of them being more open, both in communication and experiences. Also, telling Trevor about what transpired between her and Kyle seemed to get him going to an almost animal level. Thinking about what may happen in the next few hours made Jane’s heart speed up and her breathing become shallow.

Pulling her car into a visitors parking space, Jane grabbed her purse and walked up to the front door to the building. Pressing the buzzer for Kyle’s building, she took a deep breath.

“Hello?” came a deep voice through the intercom.

“Hey you,” was her sultry reply. The answer was the door buzzing open.

Grabbing the handle, Jane opened the door and walked quickly to the foyer. Stepping into an empty elevator, Jane pressed the button to Kyle’s floor. Anticipation coursed through her system. Fingers fidgeting she couldn’t seem to keep still. This was only the third time she was meeting Kyle like this. The other times were fantastic, but she still got nervous. Taking another deep breath when the doors opened, she walked into the hall and straightened the hem on her black dress. She stopped in front of his door and raised her hand to knock. It flew open before her hand moved, as if he was watching through the peep hole.

Kyle smiled at her from the door way. Looking her down then up he reached out his hand to her. “Come on in,” he said. He looked so good; standing there in only a pair of old faded jeans. No shirt. No shoes. Waiting just for her.

Jane reached out and Kyle took her hand. Pulling her inside the door, he closed it and locked it quickly.

“Mmmmm, it’s good to see you,” moaned Kyle as he pulled her close to him while they stood in the narrow, dark hallway.

Dropping her purse, she ran her hands up his arms; Jane looked at Kyle through her lowered lashes. “You too.” Threading her fingers through his shaggy brown hair Jane angled her face up to his.

On a groan Kyle crushed his lips to hers. His hands reached around to grab her ass. Core to core, Jane could feel how much Kyle already wanted her. Filled with feminine power, one hand grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer to her. She kissed him with enough enthusiasm to make him dizzy. Hands moving quickly, Kyle moved his hands from her behind, up her sides to her breasts. While he grasped her breasts, squeezed and teased her nipples with his thumbs, Jane groaned into Kyle’s mouth. She trailed her hands down his back to grab his hips. Grinding against him, she felt electricity shooting down her arms, through her torso and settling in her lower stomach.

Kyle raised his hands to her shoulders. He pushed down the straps to her dress and bared her breasts to his hungry gaze. Lowering his head, he took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard, while he lightly pinched the other nipple. Jane groaned, arching against him. Switching sides, Jane was lost in sensation, resting her head back against the wall behind her. “Oh God, Kyle! That feels so good!” she moaned.

Kyle lifted his head and looked at her with hooded eyes. “You feel so good, too.” He reached down and cupped her pussy in his hand. He could feel the heat and wet right through her panties. A second later, he was pulling them down quickly and tossing them off to the side. Kissing his way back up her neck and jaw, he slid a finger deep inside her.

“Aaaaahh,” Jane panted. She reached for the button on his jeans and tore it open, sliding down the zipper. She trailed her hand down his stomach and reached inside his jeans for his hard cock. Kyle groaned long and deep when she wrapped her small hand around him. Looking up at him, she panted. Blood was pounding through her system so fast she couldn’t hear anything except her heartbeat. She moaned as he removed his finger from her in order to push his jeans down. Grasping her ass cheeks, he raised her up slightly and rubbed his cock along her throbbing wet slit. Breathing unsteady, he slowly slid his hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. Crying out, Jane lifted up a leg to ease his entry. She realized that she could touch the opposite wall with her toes. Holding his shoulders tighter, she lifted the opposite leg so she was wedged between the two walls. This position helped slide his erection deeper inside her. He felt so good there. She tightened her pelvic muscles around him. Kyle groaned in response. He started pumping inside her with long but fast strokes. All that could be heard throughout the apartment was the sound of two bodies slapping together, along with the panting breaths of those involved. Faster and faster, she could feel his cock rubbing the underside of her clit. Jane started to tremble as her orgasm rushed forward. She buried her face in his neck as sensation took over and all rational thought fled her mind.

Kyle stopped moving and just kept himself seated inside her. His breathing was uneven as he kicked his jeans completely off. Still holding Jane against him, Kyle walked over to the couch and laid her down on it. He slid out of her hot, tight body and sat next to her.

Jane’s eyes opened slowly. “You didn’t…?” she questioned.

“I will. In time. This is about you.” He leaned down and kissed her gently. Sitting back up again, Kyle removed her dress so she was completely naked.

Starting at her neck, he traced his tongue down her collar to her breasts. Taking time to bite then lave each rock hard nipple, he continued kissing and licking down her ribs. Jane wiggled around, arching up when he paid particular teasing attention to her hips. Moving further down, he kissed his way up one ankle to her thigh. By the time he had finished the other leg, Jane was panting again, need coursing through her having fully recovered from her earlier orgasm. The scent of her arousal calling to him, Kyle tucked his head between her thighs while he slid both hands under her ass and zeroed in. His tongue circled her clit slowly. Jane’s ragged breathing told him that he could make her come again with very little effort. He ran the tip of his tongue lightly along the edge of her pussy lips, eliciting a strangled cry from Jane. Arching her hips to better position him, he chuckled and evaded the move.

“Impatient, are we?” he looked up at her with the devil shining bright in his brown eyes. The eyes that looked back at him were clouded with lust. Grinning, he decided to take pity on her and lowered his head again. Firmly running his tongue up and down her clit, he moved his right hand to be able to slide his fingers inside her steaming hole. He stroked her steadily, her liquid coating his hand quickly. Her cries grew faster and faster, taking on a more desperate tone as he increased the pace of both his fingers and tongue. Jane’s breathing hitched once, then twice, as she hit her peak and flew over the edge. Warmth bathed his fingers as he slowed his pace to let her recover a little. Withdrawing them, Kyle licked each finger, savouring her flavour. Sitting back on a ragged breath he looked at her sprawled on the couch.

A minute or so later Jane had recovered enough, sat up on her elbows and regarded him.

“Stand up,” she said with a nod of her head.

Getting to his feet, he stood next to the couch. Jane sat up and reached for his still hard cock. Wrapping her hand around him, she gathered his pre cum in her hand and slid it up and down a few times. She licked her lips and looked up at him.

“Your turn,” she said just before engulfing the shiny head in her mouth. Kyle groaned loudly as he grasped the back of her head lightly. Jane lightly sucked on the end of his cock, while her hand worked the base. Changing tactics, she licked up and down his shaft like a popsicle, and then took turns sucking each of his balls into her mouth. Her fingers slid under his ball sack to the area of skin just behind it and applied some light pressure. She then slid her mouth as far down his hard cock as she could get it. Kyle let out a strangled moan and his knees shook slightly. Sucking, she again wrapped her other hand around his base and bobbed her head up and down his length, tongue licking on the way up. Kyle suddenly grabbed her under the arms and carefully pulled her to a standing position.

Jane made a sad noise and looked at him with a small questioning frown.

“Not here,” was his short reply. Picking her up by the waist, he tossed her over his shoulder and strode to his bedroom. She shrieked as he tossed her on his bed and pounced with a laugh. She rolled out of the way, got on her knees and pushed him on his back. Kyle groaned as she lightly bit his lower lip then licked to soothe it. Lifting her leg over his torso, she slid down body, feeling his naked skin rubbing deliciously against hers. When her pussy came to the tip of his cock, she moved her hips up and then down slightly. Their cries mingled together as he slid deep inside. Leaning forward, her hands gripped his shoulders as her hips began to move sinuously. Rubbing back and forth she could feel his cock deep inside her while her clit rubbed perfectly against his pelvic bone. Jane picked up her speed as she felt the tingling start in her spine, signalling she was about to cum. Panting heavily, Kyle gripped her hips firmly as he thrust upwards with an increasing intensity. Bodies slapping together, his muted cries joined hers as he lifted his hips and groaned as he exploded deep inside her. Shaking, she lowered herself to his chest to try to breathe.

A while later, Jane getting ready to leave, dressed fully after going on a hunt for one of her shoes. Kyle kissed her softly at the door. “See you later Jane, thanks for coming over.”

“I’ve definitely enjoyed myself.” She kissed him one last time and turned to go. “Bye,” she said over her shoulder.


Jane looked up at Trevor as she finished relaying her latest meeting with Kyle. He was laying in their bed while she sat next to him cross legged, still dressed in that black dress. Trevor’s breathing was fast and ragged. She looked down and that he was incredibly hard. He was incredibly turned on. Glancing back up at his face, she could see the animal wanting to break free.

“Take your dress off Jane,” Trevor practically growled. Jane stood up and slowly slid her dress up and off. Kneeling slowly on the bed, she could feel her pulse start to pound.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded.

Jane grinned to herself as she turned around and leaned over, raising her ass high in the air. She felt the bed shift as Trevor moved behind her. Gripping her hips tightly, he leaned forward and teased the back of her neck with his tongue. Jane moaned loudly and rotated her hips, seeking his attention.

Trevor moved his hips forward slightly, the tip of his cock teasing her slit. “Is this what you’re looking for?” he whispered to her.

“Yessssssss,” she groaned.

His breathing hitched. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“I want you to fuck me. Hard,” was her reply.

On an oath, he shifted and buried himself deep within her centre in one swift stroke. Pausing only a second, Trevor started pounding into his wife, showing no mercy. And she wasn’t looking for any. Jane’s keening cries got louder and louder the faster and harder she was fucked, until she was continually letting out a wail.

Trevor leaned over her back and lightly bit Jane’s shoulder. That nip sent her flying higher than she had been all night. Trevor could feel her tight pussy clenching hard around his cock as her orgasm ripped through her and that was just the trigger he needed to set him off too. Moaning loudly he emptied himself inside her still pulsing tunnel. Panting and shaking the two of them slowly lowered to the bed. Jane turned in her husbands’ arms and laid her head on his sweaty shoulder.

Jane lifted her head and looked up at Trevor. “Trev?” she asked.

“Yeah Love?” he replied brushing a sweaty strand of hair off her forehead.

“What are your thoughts about a threesome?”

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  1. mr00pink says:

    Well done. Well done.

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