Not much to say lately

I haven’t really had much to say lately.

I just came back from the annual ladies weekend I’ve gone on for the lady half dozen years. It’s a group that started with my mom and her work friends, but I’ve brought my vanilla BFF the last few years, and this year introduced my gf Lexxi to the gang. We all had a fantastic, relaxing weekend. My vanilla BFF knows about my lifestyle, and knows our partner situation, and accepts me for who I am. While us girls were away, Gun and Bob had a “guys” weekend with our kids and all the dogs. They decided that next year will be kid and dog free for them lol.

My fwb and his wife came over on Sunday to hang out for a bit, we drank, chatted and had fun. I had tentative plans to finally hook up with him the next day (since I took it off work as a recuperation day), but their daughter ended up being home, plus my delayed period decided to show up. I’m not sure I’ve said anything before, but I got an IUD inserted in May. I’ve had 2 before (first was after my second son was born, second was about a year ago). I had to have the second removed around Christmas time because I had an irregular pap, then 2 biopsies taken. Those came back with precancerous cells. I then had a LEEP procedure (burned/scraped the outside of my cervix) and was out of commission for 4 weeks – a very long 4 weeks that included a visit with our quad (thank god anal sex was allowed), along with a New Years visit with a fwb couple. That was just soft playing for me as anal is reserved for my 2 guys only. Anyway, I was cleared for the IUD again and am now back to readjusting my periods to it. With the Mirena IUD, spotting is common the first few months, then it tapers off to barely a period at all. I don’t have issues with my period, but wanted it for birth control back up. I don’t need it with my guys as they’ve both had vasectomies, but I wanted a back up to condoms in our LS.

Since this last weekend wasn’t really a full on quad weekend (Bob debated for ages if he was even coming), we had scheduled another visit in June. Today, we ended up switching it until the week after since we were all able to get June 30th off, and can make it an extra long weekend with July 1st being on a Tuesday. It means another week to wait (boo), but also means the visit will be an extra 2 days (yay!😃).

So, that leaves me currently laying on the couch, horny, with one hubby here, missing the other hubby, missing my gf, and hoping to see my fwb before too awfully long.

Oh, and looking for a new job. Anyone need an administrator?

I guess I did have something to say after all…

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