The last day or so, I’ve really had the want to sext…it’s been a while since I have and I’m missing it.  I’m in a flirty, playful mood, but it doesn’t seem any of the guys who I’m receptive to are in the same type of mood…so it’s been making me pouty and a little dejected.  You see, I won’t just sext with anyone.  I’ve learned that for me, it’s better to sexy chat with guys I have a pre-established connection with.  Guys who I will be see naked at some point.  Who can do to me, the dirty stuff they’re describing, and that I can do to them what my mind and body desire.  My fwb (who at this point, is in title only as we haven’t set up a time to meet for the benefits part yet) was a little flirty with me yesterday, but timing wasn’t right for me, and when I was free I guess he was over that mood or timing sucked for him then.  My bf/hubby#2 was busy too, so it was just me, twitter and pouting.  I’ll flirt on twitter, but won’t all-out sext.  I want to describe in detail what I want to do…maybe it’s time for me to write another erotic story for Literotica.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that (the scene I wrote in an earlier blog, not withstanding).  Maybe that would help…

For the record, I didn’t ask hubby#1 to sext, but did let him know blantantly that I was horny, and he helped me out with that last night 😉  Not that it helps for long, but then again, I’m at my “high” time of the month, when I’m pretty much constantly horny. 

3 days until the long weekend! 😀

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