The little things

I’ve never been one that needed grand gestures. Sure, I wouldn’t argue, but honestly a few well timed words, a look, or a touch, can speak volumes above anything.

Last night, it was a look that my husband gave me. When I moved so Gun could see I was wearing my black crotchless panties under my nightie, it was the long, lingering look of hunger he gave me. You see, Gun doesn’t really care about lingerie. He’s the first to say that too, so when he gives a notice or double take with any kind of clothing really, it’s pretty big. It’s a look that melted my heart and made my (non) panties damp.

Today was Bob’s turn. He’s been having a shitty few days, so texting conversations haven’t been really lighthearted or fun lately. I understand, and respect that. He knows I’m here when he wants to vent, and that I won’t take his mood personally. But he wrote 7 words made my heart sigh and me grin at my phone tonight: 5 weeks is long even for me. Bob’s not a mushy guy, so it meant a lot to me.

Being wanted is awesome. Being missed is amazing. Nothing compares to being loved.

5 more days until we’re all together again for the weekend…

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