Caution! Tipsy post!

Okay, you’ve been warned, I’m tipsy…drunk…and making a post. I can’t be held totally responsible for the spelling and grammatical errors that may be here. I’m honest on this blog, so I won’t apologize for what I wrote, that wouldn’t really be different. Lol!

It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time, that I mention how much I miss the other half of our quad. I love my husband. He’s the rock in my life, and that won’t ever change. But there’s a completeness that can’t be described when we’re all together. We’ve spent about a week together a couple of times and it’s been awesome, never an issue, it’s been so natural. Natural. That’s how we knew right from the start that the 4 of us were different than just regular swinging fwb’s.

From the first hook up, which happened during a twitter meet and greet weekend with 4 other couples, we realized something was different. Said that, even back then. We just didn’t know what it entailed.

As the months passed, as we grew to learn more about one another, to spend time as we were permitted with one another, we know this wasn’t exactly what we said we had been looking for. Being swingers, we were looking for like minded couples to have fun with, outside and inside the bedroom. We found that. But also found way more.

Personally, I started to admit it to myself about 4.5 months after we met in person. Admit to myself that I was falling in love with a man that wasn’t my husband. Gun and I were aware of polyamory, but weren’t looking for it. My connection with Bob surprised me. It was after I had (last minute) driven the distance and spent the night with Bob and Lexxi…when saying good bye, I had to physically stop myself from saying “I love you” to Bob. I knew it was different. Before that, had inklings from the last weekend we were all together. A long weekend on a houseboat for Lexxi’s birthday. It was an amazing almost 4 days. Unforgettable.

But I digress…I miss them both. Not just the sexy obvious, but just being with them. Sitting outside with Lexxi, with a tea or a drink, just talking. Curled up next to Bob while he photo edits on his laptop.

Yeah. I’ve said that before, so I’ll stop I’m not that drunk. Lol

I have not edited this (and note to self, will not. Krys, stop and leave this alone).

6 damn days…

Another warning: You all may be getting a countdown until the day…and it may be repeated before every weekend meet 😜

3 thoughts on “Caution! Tipsy post!

  1. lexxiblue says:

    I think between both our blogs, people will get the message that we are more friends. I have described how I explained it to my mom and you reinforced it here. I too can’t wait for next weekend and am resisting the countdown posts on my blog, but may have to give in as we get closer to Friday. As I write this comment, I am sitting outside with my cup of tea and wishing you and Gun were already here. See you soon gf.

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