Sleepless in Central Ontario

Last night was one of those nights that my brain just didn’t want to turn off.  What was I thinking about? you ask.  Well, it wasn’t about bills, or money, or wanting a new job, or anything stressful.  Quite the opposite.  I was thinking about sex.  In particular, sex with our quad.

You see, on our last visit with them last month, it was just after my birthday so we had a belated celebration too.  Gun had arranged with Bob to help make my top fantasy come true – DP.  Double penetration.  Being fucked anally and vaginally at the same time.  Turns out because of the way my body is made up had us trying a few different possible ways before success.  My vaginal opening is a little further down/back and closer to my anal opening. What ended up working well (very well :D) for me was reverse cowgirl anal for one guy, and the other in front of me. I had never tried reverse cowgirl anal before, and I found it absolutely amazing in itself. Definitely a position to try again.

Well I blame Bob for getting my mind going last night. We were chatting and he mentioned wanting to try that position with me again…just recalling that did quivery things to my insides. While laying in bed, my thoughts drifted to doing just that with Bob…

Me atop of him, facing away, my knees bent, feet just outside of his thighs, my hands braced on either side of his torso, his hard cock deep in my ass, fucking me…my eyes close and my head rolls back. Bob reaches around and carresses my breasts. Tweaks my nipples hard, just how I like it. I moan, loudly as sensation courses through my body.

The sounds coming from the bedroom prompt Lexxi to peek in. She sees me splayed on top of her husband, legs spread, my pussy facing the doorway. She walks quietly over to the bed and climbs between my thighs. A primal groan escapes my lips as I feel her tongue lightly touch my pierced clit hood. I look down to see her tongue dart out again as she glances up at me. I lick my lips and whimper, my head lolls back again. She goes back to licking up and down my clit as Bob continues to pound me from below. He alternates from short, hard strokes to slower, deeper ones. As much as he can move under me anyway 😉 I can feel my arms and legs starting to strain a bit from holding this position, but I don’t care. It’s pure bliss. Lexxi slides a finger, then two, inside my wet pussy. Curling them up, she quickly finds my gspot as her tongue continues it’s assault on my clit.

I open my eyes again when I feel a cock nudging my lips. I see my husband Gun, standing next to the bed, feeding his cock to me. My mouth eagerly opens, my tongue sliding along the under surface as I take him as deep as I can. On each upstroke, my tongue flicks across the head of his cock and I suck. He groans and holds the back of my head. My mouth gives him a good dozen or so strokes before he pulls out and moves behind Lexxi. My eyes follow his movements. He pulls down the pajama pants she was wearing, climbs on the bed and sinks his cock in her soaking wet pussy…her moans muffled by my own pussy. Each thrust from Gun sends Lexxi into me deeper, which rocks me on Bob. It’s like we’re a machine… My lower spine starts to tingle, and it hits me all of a sudden, a white hot explosion from deep inside. I squeal as I cum all over Lexxi’s face and fingers, clenching my ass muscles on Bob’s cock. That release did it for my arms and legs. I collapse on Bob.

He rolls me over to my back and slides between my thighs. Thrusting his still hard cock in me roughly, I scream. His hands slide beneath my shoulders and grasp my hair, pulling it tight. He proceeds to pound into my body, using me for the purpose of getting him to cum. I can vaguely hear Lexxi’s moans turn louder as Gun’s body smacks against hers harder and harder. With my hair pulled back tight, my neck is exposed. Bob kisses and nibbles my neck, my lips, my breasts, whatever he can get his lips and teeth on. I’m lost in sensation. I can feel my pussy clench and release in almost continual mini orgasms, I’m soaked between my legs. I may have squirted a little, I don’t know as it hasn’t happened often. Bob’s breathing turns ragged and his body stiffens. He lets out a long groan as I can tell he’s cumming inside me. Feeling that, it sets off another spark through my body. I pulse around his dick, shaking. As my pussy clenches down hard, I hear Gun’s groans pick up pace. I know that sound well…he’s just about to cum. Lexxi moans loudly as she receives all of him. Then we’re all laying there, four very sweaty, hard breathing, very satisfies bodies…

So yeah. That’s what kept me awake longer than necessary last night.

It’s kind of woken me up again now…😳

3 thoughts on “Sleepless in Central Ontario

  1. Naughty Duo says:

    Lucky you. How did you manage to find a 4 way connection like that???? ND from TO

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