Not all women swingers are bi

It seems that a lot, if not most couples get into swinging because the wife is curious to play with other women. It wasn’t so for us. I wanted to play with other cock, and was fine with my hubby playing with other pussy. One thing I learned very early when Gun & I decided to try swinging was to clarify that I was not looking for girl-girl play. We essentially scared away the first couple we met face to face because that didn’t come up in conversation before hand (they were newbies too, also figuring out what they wanted and how to get it).

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t opposed to it. If a girl wanted to kiss, I’d give it a try because I like kissing. If a girl wanted to play with my breasts or pussy, sure thing. If she wanted to go down on me, go for it, a tongue is a tongue. But I know I wasn’t comfortable doing anything further than kissing or maybe a caress or two. When we met the first couple we played with, it cemented to me that I was not bisexual in any way. She described to me how she fantasized being with another woman. She had dreamt about it. I, on the other hand, had fantasized about other penises, not women or any parts related to them. That night I ended up having my first girl kiss. It was okay, but it didn’t get me turned on at all, not like kissing her man did. I did enjoy when she went down on me, she had a good tongue 😉

Since becoming more comfortable in the lifestyle, I have realized that if I was comfortable enough with the women, was friends with her, I’d be more comfortable to go further myself. The second woman I kissed, I did fondle more, touched her a little more, but I didn’t get comfortable enough with any woman until meeting the lady in the other half of our quad. Play wasn’t immediate with her though, it was a slow progression…she was very patient with me, and she still is. I felt an immediate connection with her though, a kinship, a soulmate of sorts. I have come to enjoy trying new things with her. I love eliciting responses from her with what I do with her, to her. It’s fun 😈

But even with that, I still don’t fantasize about sucking on boobs, or eating a pussy, not like I do with sucking a nice hard cock. It’s entirely an in the moment thing. Though I have seen pictures of things and thought “oh, that could be fun with Lexxi”, but really that’s as far as the in depth fantasizing goes.

In case you’re wondering, I consider myself straight, but bi-comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Not all women swingers are bi

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  2. Rich says:

    Your description of not-being-bi and swinging sounds a lot like my wife. I kid her sometimes that she’s the only straight woman I know. (Of course I know other straight women. She might be the only straight woman I know who I’m friends with, though.) I just discovered your blog last night – there’s some good reading in here! Thanks!

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