I am such an awesome wife

Tonight is my younger sons birthday party. He has 2 friends sleeping over (1 other was over for pizza and cake but wasn’t allowed to sleep over). Anyway, while the party was going on earlier, my husband Gun was texting his ex-girlfriend (I’m really good friends with her, and she’s fwb with Gun again) saying she was horny. I told him to go see her after the kids were done pizza, presents, and cake. I texted her I was good with it too.

Some may think I’m nuts sending my husband off to spend the evening with a woman he has a past history with. I’m not, I’ve known her for quite a few years and know what is between them is a solid friendship. She knows about us, about our quad (has even met them), and respects us all. I have no hesitations with him hooking up with her. I’m also very glad that Lexxi is fine with it too.

There was one girl that Gun used to see that annoyed the heck out of me. I didn’t stop it, but sure didn’t want to hang out with her. There’s another he’s texted, but hasn’t seen in person (yet) that I’m on the fence about. There’s a long story that’s unnecessary to share here, but she needs to earn my trust, but I am willing to give her a chance to.

Really, if he’s really wanting to hook up with some girl, I don’t know if I’d ever stop him. I know he hasn’t liked all the guys I’ve met up with in the past. As long as we’re open and honest about everything, respect each other and the others in our lives, and always play safe, then we’re good.

Of course, usually when Gun is off having fun of his own, I get horny…and I’ve been horny the past few days anyway…and since I have a cold, Gun and I have been avoiding each other because we don’t want to be sick in 2 weeks when we see our other loves again…so, I’m screwed tonight. Or more like, I’m not. D’oh 😣

5 thoughts on “I am such an awesome wife

  1. I sure sounds as though you are quite an awesome wife that Gun is likely to have.

  2. […] I am Such an Awesome Wife, by Krystalla is a short poignant article about giving permission to her husband to have sex with another woman and not feeling guilty about the decision. While many of us would say ‘yes,’ only to fear we made the wrong decision or state ‘no way,’ Krystalla shows it is possible to say ‘yes’ without the guilt. […]

  3. hopeandhoney says:

    I think exes are a great pool to choose from when opening up your relationships. Dan Savage says so, and he’s, like, my talking sex bible.

    Hope you get screwed soon (in the good way)!

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