Month to month

Since we life so far away from the other half of our quad, we usually only see each other once a month. It’s generally worked out to be every 4 weeks, but sometimes it’s a little less, sometimes a little more. This month is one of those little more months. There’s 5 weeks between this time.

This time, right from the first weekend past our last visit, it seemed like it had been forever. Time has just felt like it’s moving so slowly. I find myself yearning to be in the arms of my other love, Bob. I desperately want to sit with my girlfriend Lexxi, have a tea or a tasty drink and talk about our day, or whatever comes to mind. I want to see our husbands talk their techy geek talk, boring Lexxi and I until we roll our eyes, but smile as we love to see the good friendship between them. I want to be awoken again by hearing Lexxi and Gun having mad, passionate sex…as that always gets Bob and I hot, and they end up listening to us 😈. Not to mention playtime with all 4 of us…that is fun too 😄. I can’t wait to sit in their hot tub and watch all of our dogs play together again, they get along so great as well.

Two weeks from now, Gun and I will be on our way there, with our two pups. We should be half way there (at least, hopefully). We’ll be celebrating Lexxi’s birthday that weekend, since we won’t be there on the actual date, which is about a week and a half after. Who knows what other fun we’ll have, we always enjoy our time together. Make the most of it. It’s just really hitting me hard this month…I miss them so badly I ache. I love them both dearly. I really wish we lived closer to each other…


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