Second Honeymoon (erotic story)

This was the first story I posted on I had been writing a novel, but cut this part out and tweaked it as a short story. Originally posted Sept 2009. I find it amusing that my gf’s alter ego is Lexxi…maybe I was foreshadowing what was to cum 😉. I hope you like it:

Second Honeymoon:

“A toast,” Adam held up his glass. “To a fantastic vacation!” He taped his glass with Lexy’s.

“Hear, hear,” Lexy agreed as she took a big sip of her wine, savoring the dry taste as it rolled down her throat. Adam grasped her hand and smiled. He raised her hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles, blue-green eyes flashing above her hand. She blushed and he lowered her hand back down. She loved looking at him, he had the face of a movie star with a straight nose, strong jaw line, an adorable dimple in his chin, full kissable lips and dark shaggy brown hair, just curling over his ears and collar.
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My girlfriend Lexxi posted this to her blog. I liked it and wanted to share it with you all.


I have been thinking about some of the short stories I have written and not yet published. Actually, they are more like scenes that I could take and insert into a book, if ever I got around to writing one. Lol. I thought I would share some of them here.

This one is the first one that I wrote, i believe it was the first time Krys and Gun came to visit. I was the only one awake early in the morning and my imagination took off. This is the result. Enjoy…

I woke up early this morning. We have guests over for the weekend and had gone to bed late the night before. So when I woke up this morning, I didn’t want to disturb anyone.

I quietly slide out of bed and slip myself into my red and black satin kimono, letting it drape loosely over my body…

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Happy birthday to my girlfriend


A year and a half ago, I never would have expected my life would be changing soon. I would find a female soul mate that rivaled the best friend I’ve had for years. I would be expanding my horizons in other ways too. As you might have read in a previous blog post, I’m not bisexual. But she’s come to be different for me. I love hanging out together; shopping, talking, just watching a movie. I love sharing our guys together; whether it be a combined blow job, one of us riding a cock while the other rides his face, laying next to each other while we’re both being fucked. I’ve also come to love playing with her; kissing, nibbling, I love eliciting moans and responses from her. She was the first girl who I went down on. Plus that girl has some oral skills of her own…damn…😍… Where was I?

Oh yes, it was about a year ago, around your birthday last year, that I admitted to myself that our quad relationship was more than that of swinger fwb’s. I love you my sweetheart, and I can’t wait to celebrate many more years of them with you.

I wish we could be there today, but we’ll see you in 8 days 😊

Happy birthday! 🎂😘😘


I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. No, I guess that’s not quite right. I have so many thoughts and emotions whirling around in my head that I don’t know which is dominant.

In no particular order: anxiety, frustration, anticipation, insecurity, friendship, love, despair, apathy…really I could go on. Thanks to me being in the throes of PMS, my emotions are a roller coaster.
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Kissing 💋

Kissing…I love to kiss. Really, really love to kiss. I rediscovered my passion for it a couple of years ago, when Gun was okay with me going to a local swing club and meeting some friends there. The male half of that couple and I spent the better part of the night making out. So much so that I had a spot on my upper lip rubbed raw by the time the night was over, lol! It was worth it though, he’s a damn good kisser. The thing is, Gun never seems to want to kiss me. I’ve talked to him about why I like it so much (partly being it’s a huge turn on for me, it’s a great foreplay activity, and it gets me all tingly and wet). He’s given me 2 different excuses now, so I don’t know what to make of it other than it makes me wonder if he just doesn’t like to kiss in general, or if it’s me personally he doesn’t like to kiss. It’s just something I really miss, I absolutely hate that we can sometimes go weeks without really kissing. I’m not talking a peck on the lips, but those soft, slow tongue kisses that can turn to hard passionate ones and back. Nibbles, licks, bites…mmm… *sigh* 😔

To clarify, I am not looking to recreate any previous experience I’ve had, I’m not comparing any of the people I’ve kissed before. I simply just want to kiss my husband sometimes.

Quad weekend :D

I had a fantastic weekend, it just went by way too fast. Shopping, relaxing, and of course sex 🙂 Going out for dinner for my gf Lexxi’s birthday, then going to a swing club together. Now THAT was fun! Before you ask, no we didn’t play while there (other than me sucking Bob’s cock a little, but it was more of a tease). It was something my hubby Gun asked that we refrain from while there. See, he isn’t a fan of clubs, though even he will admit now that it’s very different going with people you know than going by yourself. We aren’t NSA club swingers, never have been, not sure we ever would be. Although I do have a fantasy of having an annonymous fuck at some point, it’s not one that tops my fucket list. But I digress, Lexxi and I danced for a few hours. We had a few drinks (okay more than a few, we finished 2 bottles of Vextini), we danced and made out on the dance floor, I’m sure we put on quite the show, but that’s the beauty of clubs like that, it’s part of the fun. We even got the guys up for a couple of dances. When we got home, we all piled into the hot tub and steamed the backyard up a little…more like a lot 😉
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Almost…! 😃

24 hours from now we’ll be on our way to our other other halves house, yay! Barring any delays or unforeseen circumstances we should be about an hour and a half out.

I’m already packed, except for a few toiletries and my curling iron.

I…can’t…wait! It’s been a very, very long 5 weeks…

It should be a fun weekend as we’re celebrating my gf Lexxi’s birthday (feel free to catch up with her at and we’re going to a local swing club. We haven’t gone to a club yet with them, and I’m really looking forward to it. Not for the obvious, we’ll have fun at home after (and probably before). I’m looking forward to dancing with my BFF and my loves in a place where we’ll be accepted for who we are, no hiding anything. Maybe I’ll post a few pics at some point 😉

Hurry up 5pm tomorrow! 😃


The last day or so, I’ve really had the want to sext…it’s been a while since I have and I’m missing it.  I’m in a flirty, playful mood, but it doesn’t seem any of the guys who I’m receptive to are in the same type of mood…so it’s been making me pouty and a little dejected.  You see, I won’t just sext with anyone.  I’ve learned that for me, it’s better to sexy chat with guys I have a pre-established connection with.  Guys who I will be see naked at some point.  Who can do to me, the dirty stuff they’re describing, and that I can do to them what my mind and body desire.  My fwb (who at this point, is in title only as we haven’t set up a time to meet for the benefits part yet) was a little flirty with me yesterday, but timing wasn’t right for me, and when I was free I guess he was over that mood or timing sucked for him then.  My bf/hubby#2 was busy too, so it was just me, twitter and pouting.  I’ll flirt on twitter, but won’t all-out sext.  I want to describe in detail what I want to do…maybe it’s time for me to write another erotic story for Literotica.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that (the scene I wrote in an earlier blog, not withstanding).  Maybe that would help…

For the record, I didn’t ask hubby#1 to sext, but did let him know blantantly that I was horny, and he helped me out with that last night 😉  Not that it helps for long, but then again, I’m at my “high” time of the month, when I’m pretty much constantly horny. 

3 days until the long weekend! 😀

The little things

I’ve never been one that needed grand gestures. Sure, I wouldn’t argue, but honestly a few well timed words, a look, or a touch, can speak volumes above anything.

Last night, it was a look that my husband gave me. When I moved so Gun could see I was wearing my black crotchless panties under my nightie, it was the long, lingering look of hunger he gave me. You see, Gun doesn’t really care about lingerie. He’s the first to say that too, so when he gives a notice or double take with any kind of clothing really, it’s pretty big. It’s a look that melted my heart and made my (non) panties damp.

Today was Bob’s turn. He’s been having a shitty few days, so texting conversations haven’t been really lighthearted or fun lately. I understand, and respect that. He knows I’m here when he wants to vent, and that I won’t take his mood personally. But he wrote 7 words made my heart sigh and me grin at my phone tonight: 5 weeks is long even for me. Bob’s not a mushy guy, so it meant a lot to me.

Being wanted is awesome. Being missed is amazing. Nothing compares to being loved.

5 more days until we’re all together again for the weekend…

Caution! Tipsy post!

Okay, you’ve been warned, I’m tipsy…drunk…and making a post. I can’t be held totally responsible for the spelling and grammatical errors that may be here. I’m honest on this blog, so I won’t apologize for what I wrote, that wouldn’t really be different. Lol!

It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last time, that I mention how much I miss the other half of our quad. I love my husband. He’s the rock in my life, and that won’t ever change. But there’s a completeness that can’t be described when we’re all together. We’ve spent about a week together a couple of times and it’s been awesome, never an issue, it’s been so natural. Natural. That’s how we knew right from the start that the 4 of us were different than just regular swinging fwb’s.
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