How we opened up and beyond

I’m guessing if you’ve found this blog you’ve actually read my twitter bio, as I’m not promoting this anywhere (or hadn’t for a while). I’m not writing this for attention, but I just wanted some place to write down my thoughts. For those who are observant, I thought I’d give a rundown of how we got into non-monogamy and how we’ve settled into it since.

I was a very innocent and shy 20yr old when I met my hubby. From when we first got together he said if I wanted to explore outside of him, we could talk about it, & I could. Well, it wasn’t for another 16yrs that I would get the confidence and guts to bring it up. I’ve never been a small girl, but had let myself go a lot since getting married and having kids. The summer I was 36, I had an awakening and started to do something about it.  About a month later, I signed up for a free dating website and started chatting with a few guys.  After talking in depth with my hubby, we decided to let me explore (I in turn, told him he could go have fun too), and we opened our marriage.

It turned out to be much more difficult for a man to find a sane woman who was either single or would be fully disclosing everything to her spouse, so after a few months we decided to give couples and swinging a try.  We’ve had our ups and downs, met some great people, and others who had no idea what they wanted.  We’ve taken it all, the good and the bad, as a learning experience and have strengthened our relationship beyond anything I ever thought capable.

A year after I started my physical transformation journey, I decided to start an alternate twitter account.  I wanted some place I could vent my thoughts and feelings and for obvious reasons couldn’t on Facebook or my vanilla twitter.  It morphed into more than I imagined.  I wasn’t planning on posting pics, but got into it after a few weeks.  I had no idea of the “community” that is on there, that it was possible to actually meet people through there, but sure have.

We sort of fell into polyamory with a couple we met through twitter.  We had chatted with them online, and got the chance to meet them (along with a few other couples) at a meet and greet that was arranged a year ago this past January.  When we met in person, we just clicked.  The poly part didn’t happen right away.  With us all being somewhat experienced in the lifestyle, we were taking it day by day and seeing where it led.  Honestly, we still are.  But it’s been one hell of a fantastic ride to this point, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s beyond ❤️

My hubby and I do still occassionaly swing and/or play on the side, though the last fwb I had was over a year ago…until a couple of days ago.  A friend of ours asked me to keep him in mind if I was wanting a fwb.  I can’t deny that he has crossed my mind… 😈 I’ve spoken to all parties in our quad, and to his wife, and everyone is fine with it… so I’m going for it 😉

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