Long distance poly problems

If you’ve read my blog, or know me through Twitter, you’ll know that my hubby and I are in a long distance polyamorous relationship with another couple.  We live about 500km apart, which is about a 5 hour drive in decent weather/traffic conditions.  This means that we really only get to see each other for one weekend per month.  It’s tough.  Spontenaity isn’t something that we can ever really embrace.  We’ve had weekends where one or more of us have felt poorly, but we trudge through it as our time is precious.  We’ve had weekends that our kids have been there, so we’d have to be careful and sneak private time where we could.  We’ve also have had many amazing times, just hanging out (as we all are very good friends), and of course many, many, fun sexy times.
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Damn, my PMS seems to be hitting me hard this month. I’ve gone through the “eat everything” day already. Today seems to be the “pissed off easily at anything” day. I’m not looking forward to the “weeping at anything” day if these other two are any indication 😣 😦

If track record serves, I’m going to be hornier than fuck once my period is over. My guys better brace themselves…

Deep desires

Over the past year, my thoughts have steered more towards the kinky.  In particular aspects of D/s & BDSM.  I had expressed my thoughts to our foursome and had my first tie-up experience last summer, courtesy of hubby#2 – Bob, on a swap weekend (us girls changed houses for the weekend).  To say that I loved it is an understatement.  A few weeks later, Bob & Lexxi came to stay at our house for their week holidays.  Gun’s & my kids were gone for the week, so we had freedom to do pretty much anything.  One evening ended with Lexxi & I each tied to chairs, sitting back to back, while the guys teased and tortured us with various things (flogger, feather, candle wax, neon wand, hitachi magic wand, not to mention we were both wearing our WeVibes).  It was intense, but oh so fun!
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How we opened up and beyond

I’m guessing if you’ve found this blog you’ve actually read my twitter bio, as I’m not promoting this anywhere (or hadn’t for a while). I’m not writing this for attention, but I just wanted some place to write down my thoughts. For those who are observant, I thought I’d give a rundown of how we got into non-monogamy and how we’ve settled into it since.

I was a very innocent and shy 20yr old when I met my hubby. From when we first got together he said if I wanted to explore outside of him, we could talk about it, & I could. Well, it wasn’t for another 16yrs that I would get the confidence and guts to bring it up. I’ve never been a small girl, but had let myself go a lot since getting married and having kids. The summer I was 36, I had an awakening and started to do something about it.  About a month later, I signed up for a free dating website and started chatting with a few guys.  After talking in depth with my hubby, we decided to let me explore (I in turn, told him he could go have fun too), and we opened our marriage.
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Krys, the bartender 🍹🍸🍷🍺

Early into the new year we discovered @TipsyBartender and quickly fell in love with his antics, the girls he has on his YouTube show, and his drink concoctions. Last night it was just hubby and I at home (well, plus the kids and animals), and I decided to experiment a little, see what drinks I could come up with. They were all quite yummy, and I’ll detail them here: (names were mostly made up on the spot as I type this)

Melon margarita– I have some of that slushy margarita stuff you just add tequila to and stick it in the freezer. I added a shot of melon liqueur and some soda water to it. Verdict: yummy!

Apple-raspberry martini-2oz apple vodka, 2oz blue raspberry vodka, 1oz each sour puss apple & sour puss blue liqueurs, 1oz lime juice. Verdict: strong but yummy! I cut mine with a little soda water.

Spicy SoCo Monkey-equal amounts of Southern Comfort, captain Morgans spiced rum, oj & pineapple juice, and a half part of banana liqueur. Verdict: yummy!

Tropical SoCo Monkey-variation of the above, but used Malibu rum in place of the spiced rum. I’m not a big fan of coconut, so I made this one just for my hubby. His verdict: yummy!

Chocolate Butter Cookie Crumble aka The HornBunny shot-a layered shot using butterscotch schnapps, Oreo vodka, and creamy chocolate liqueur. Top with whipped cream. Verdict: yummy!
The name suggestion for this one came from @tazman694u and @PleasuredZones

Anyway, I got trashed because I was stupid and didn’t drink water between these strong drinks. Ah well, live and learn. I don’t get drunk like that pretty much ever. Still, I created some fun and tasty drinks! Will definitely make these again at some point….and in better moderation. Lol!


Well, here goes!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Well, truth be told I have one that I haven’t used in ages, but I can’t freely talk about my true thoughts and feelings on that one as my parents follow(ed?) that one, and I don’t think that they’d really want to know that many details about this other side of my life. So, I created this one. It goes along with my anonymous twitter account, hence the names are the same 😉

A little about myself: Im 39, have been married for over 14yrs, have 2 kids, 2 dogs, & 2 cats. We opened our marriage 2 1/2 yrs ago, started swinging just over 2 years ago, and became involved in a polyamorous relationship with another couple just over a year ago. If you have any questions, just ask 😊

You’ll find me randomly ranting about anything here. Family, friends, pets, love, sex, you name it. You might find some posts interesting. You might find some downright boring. But one thing I’m not going to do is censor myself. Feel free to comment, though if you’re derogatory or just being an ass, I’ll probably delete the comment.

That’s it for now…

Krys 💋